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Top Dog Timber Provides Service in all Phases of Tree and Timber Related Operations:

Hazard Removals / Aesthetic / Pruning and Trimming

Remember, a healthy tree is a safe tree! As local tree care specialists, we are knowledgeable about the trees in the area and know how to keep them looking great. We trim any branches that need to be trimmed and we place them in a neat pile. We can leave the branches on the property or remove them for an additional fee. If trees or branches have fallen due to a storm, let us clean up any debris.

Lot Clearing

For clients who are building new homes, stump grinding is available to clear the yard of any protruding tree stumps. We clear lots with a mini excavator as well as a regular excavator, and we have loaders to remove the trees. In addition to clearing the lot for new construction, we can clear a defensible space around the property in order to prevent damage from forest fires.

Trees Removed via Crane / Storm Damage Clean Up

Removing large trees from your property is dangerous work, especially if the tree is near a home where falling trucks and limbs can do significant damage. When you need pruning and trimming, tree removal, or stump grinding, hire the team from Top Dog Timber, Inc. who handle projects in a safe, professional manner. Our landscapers offer prompt, quality service throughout Truckee, California, at the most affordable rates.

Defensible Space / Brush Masticating / Mini Excavation

Maintaining a defensible space around your property is a crucial aspect of fire safety. Top Dog Timber will assist in planning this defensible space, as well as in removing trees and brush that may be too close to your property.

Clean Custom Logging / Timber Purchased / Self Loading Log Truck

We perform custom logging jobs and will purchase timber. Contact us for details. Our self-loading log trucks make quick work of tree removal.

Stump Grinding

As noted in the section about lot clearing, we offer stump grinding services for any customer wishing to remove a tree stump..

Snow Plowing in Select Areas